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Mr Leif Ohlson is 51 years old and currently living in the capital of Sweden Stockholm. Mr Ohlson has a long background from international political affairs (working in the former Yugoslavia, the Netherlands and Sri Lanka) but also from the hotel business and art scene in Sweden. He has an extensive network of contacts among politicians, journalists and business people in Sweden and Sri Lanka.


Mr Ohlson worked for more than 17 years with the Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces HQ in Stockholm. He resigned in January 2014 and will in the future focus on promoting trade and culture exchange between the Nordic market and Sri Lanka.


He worked in Batticaloa during 2005/2006 (Head of District for Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission) and has returned frequently to the country.


He has also started the firm Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden which is focusing on creating awareness in Sweden about high quality products from Sri Lanka. The company has also arranged several Sri Lankan food promotion events, art exhibitons and in cooperation with Commercial Division at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Stockholm two Mini-Expos (2013&2015).


Since December 2015 Mr Ohlson is also the Secretary General for the Sweden-Sri Lanka Business Council ( which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The council has members in all important regions of Sweden and many fields of business are represented.



Mr Ohlson publish a couple of newsletters about Sri Lanka focusing on news regarding trade, food and tourism.


One for Swedish subscribers (2.500) with info news about doing business, travel, food, design. Every quarter the mail list for the newsletter is expanded to approx. 8 000 private companies in Sweden.


One newsletter is written for contacts in Sri Lanka with the purpose to interest Sri Lankan companies in doing business with the Nordic market.





Mr Ohlson has successfully assisted some Sri Lanka tour operators in getting new business partners in Sweden.


Mr Ohlson is also working with promoting Sri Lanka has an IT-outsourcing destination. This has been successful and a number of new jobs have thanks to Mr Ohlson been created within the Sri Lanka IT-industry.



Autumn 2015

Travel Evening - Café String

Travel Evening - Älta Kulturknut

Travel Evening -Sri Lankan Embassy

TUR B2B - Sheraton Stockholm

TUR Fair - Waterfron Congress Sthlm.

Travel Fair /TUR 2015

Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden

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